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Web Designer - App Developer - UI/UX Designer

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I graduated from Guru Nanak Institute of Technology in 2021, with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I'm passionate about web apps and mobile app development. I've been coding since 2016 and working as a freelancer since 2018. In this journey, I learn many new things in designing as well as in development.

I created many android applications for clients as well as personal projects, a few of them are available on Google playstore and Amazon AppStore.

And I created many websites for clients as well as personal projects, which are available to check on my projects section (a few of them are listed below).

I posses the following technical skills

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Here are a few of my projects

  Full-Stack Blog App

Django Python HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

This Web Application is a blog where the admins can post the articles and the users can see the posts.

  Brain Trainer App

Java XML Adobe XD

This Android App is a math game that helps to improve our math calculations, as this game has a timer and some math problems to solve. Available in playstore

  SysTop Desktop App

Electron HTML CSS JavaScript

This Desktop App help checking CPU performance and notify when the CPU is throttling which can be customized in app settings

Some of my technical writings

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents.

This is a dedicated series for folks who are interested to learn python programming and develop some projects.

It allows us to have sealed containers and these containers are the heart of docker.




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